I'm betting you've got a few questions, like, "Who's this asshole?" or "Wait, why is it even called 'what is delicious'? That doesn't make any sense." Let's get to it then.

I'm Thomas Ella.

This site is basically my avenue to post about the stuff I'm interested in, most of which happens to be video games. I'll also cover movies and music here and there, but consider this site to be primarily about video games.

I pay for every game I cover and I think that gives me a uniquely honest consumer perspective that you simply can't have if a publisher sends you games for free.

So yeah. I write all the articles. I make all the graphics. I design the layout. This site is my baby.

Oh, and it's called what is delicious because, when I made it back in 2007, I was real big into Penny Arcade and not so much into forward thinking. This comic was really funny to me and I didn't have a better title. I wish I could tell you that there's a deeper meaning to it than that, but... nope.

I will say, though, that using "whatisdelicious" as a username pretty much guarantees that any time I join a game online, at least one person will say, "What is delicious? My dick, that's what's delicious."

Reader Testimonials

"I cannot agree with pretty much anything you've said just now." - Anonymous

"Clearly a clueless neophyte who can only enjoy desolate gray wastelands loaded with hordes of heavily armored, veins bulging bald white guys with gruff voices." - cheez

"You sir, wouldn't know a good video game if it hit you in the groin." - Jake

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