Monday, March 1, 2010

My PS3 Y2K10 Experience [updated]

[Update: Okay, it's over now, and thankfully, pretty much everything is back to normal. But man, that is a scary situation when paid content starts deleting itself. Just goes to show that Calendar Man is not one of Batman's villains you should take too lightly.]

Before I start catching up on reviews and features, I'd just like to comment on how ridiculous this global PS3 meltdown business is. Here's been my PS3 experience today:

  1. Couldn't play Dante's Inferno because an "error has occurred" that caused the game to crash every time I loaded it.
  2. Noticed that all record of having suffered through Dante's Inferno is now gone from my trophies list.
  3. Tried to play a host of downloaded games, all of which failed to load.
  4. Taking me by surprise, WipEout HD Fury loaded and even downloaded a patch, but once it finally got into the menus, it reverted to the trial version, deleting my trophy data with it.
  5. Just realized that my Flower dynamic theme, that I paid for, had been disabled this whole time. Went to the themes list and it was listed as "corrupted data," then it deleted itself.

Now I'm near terrified even to turn my PS3 on, much less try to play a game. I've had trophy data deleted, paid content revert to trial versions, paid content delete itself, I can't sign into PSN, and I can't play games. My PS3 has literally become a $499.99 paperweight.

Apparently it might be caused by a bug related to leap year and only affects older PS3s. I find this to be a wholly unsatisfying reason for my PS3 (the fatter, more expensive one) to completely stop working and start deleting things I paid for. I just don't understand how the calendar is so powerful in these devices. Remember the Zune apocalypse in 2008? Seems like the exact same issue.

Not to mention that Sony's newly revamped US PlayStation site came with newly revamped portable IDs, which look awful and have no option to revert to the dark, older versions. What a great day for PlayStation.


  1. Dude, relax. My bet is that they'll have it all sorted out within a day. Your trophy data will be fine as long as you remembered to sync before you shut down last time. As for your paid content, the worst case scenario is that you'll have to re-download it.

  2. I'm not really panicking or anything. I've been pretty calm about it; it's just a fairly frustrating situation when a device starts deleting content you paid for and you realize just how much ownership you really have over digital files.

    Also, I just find it ridiculous that clocks have so much power. It's like this is Calendar Man's big scheme come to fruition.