Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go ahead and light that third candle, Jim.

what is delicious is now three years old. Three years. Man, it does not feel like it's been that long. Looking back on my old stuff is really eerie; it's crazy to think how much this blog has changed since then. It's gone through a few major redesigns and dozens of little refinements. Thinking back to what the site looked like back then compared to how it looks now is absolutely insane. You wouldn't even believe it's the same site. But you know what? It kind of isn't.

In every conceivable way, the what is delicious you see before you is a vast improvement over the original, even down to the URL you type into the address bar. What used to be a default Blogger layout has organically evolved over time, one element after another. The sidebar got icons to make it easy to find past work, the hideous original header image was swapped out for my custom one, the whole blog turned black and got wider. Over time, it became less and less recognizable from where it all started.

Even my writing style has changed so much that it's hard to place an old article next to a recent one without cringing. Yep, this is how you started off, I have to remind myself. Thank god you've gotten better at this since then. I've learned how to break up the walls of text, better edit my own work, and just keep myself in check in general. There's still plenty of room to improve, but I'm happy with the progress I've made so far.

Hopefully in another three years, I'll be looking back at the stuff I'm writing now with the same reaction of "man, I used to suck."


  1. Grats on the 3 years, Thomas. Keep with it. The more you write the more you improve and the better it gets. Do you think that you've found your niche over the last few years? Or are you still searching?

  2. I don't know, probably a little of both. Still experimenting with how I do reviews, and I need to start writing more features; I've got a text document with like ten feature ideas I've been meaning to write at some point.

    But every article I write and every article I read from other journalists like Lester Bangs or Chris Kohler that do interesting things brings me one step closer.

  3. I think you have an incredible site here, so congratulations on the 3 years of dedication to it. I always enjoy the reviews and features you put up, so all I can ask is that you continue! :)