Monday, December 21, 2009

Gravity Crash Review

Remaining true to its old-school roots while benefitting immensely from new-school innovations, Gravity Crash seamlessly marries two disparate game design sensibilities to become simultaneously nostalgic and refreshing.

What I enjoy most about retro remakes is seeing how they update their presentation to fit the modern age. The art style in Gravity Crash is downright stunning, with gorgeous backgrounds, an excellent color palette, and really cool designs for landscapes, enemies, etc. Everything comes together spectacularly well to create one of the most visually appealing games I've ever seen. However, while the soundtrack is decent, it lacks the kind of magic that made, for example, Shatter's amazing soundtrack so great.

It's when actually playing Gravity Crash that you can clearly see its triumphs and failures. The levels are a lot of fun to blast through, but I enjoyed the quicker, simpler early levels much more than the long, complex later levels. A very new-school feature is the level editor and online sharing, so there will always be more content to play, which is great; it's just disappointing that the level editor lacks a good tutorial and actually browsing user-created levels is a mess.

While it's not perfect by any means, Gravity Crash offers so much value and does enough cool things to update its core gameplay while staying true to its roots that it's definitely worth checking out.

Gravity Crash / $9.99 / PS3

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