Monday, November 9, 2009

Brütal Legend Review

After a genuinely impressive first hour, Brütal Legend stops trying to be fun or funny and instead opts to be bland, boring, and a complete waste of time.

Brütal Legend knows how to make a fantastic first impression. The menus are incomprehensibly awesome, the intro is hilarious, and the game's art direction is amazing. But that part is available in the free demo. Almost immediately after the demo section ends, the entire game goes on a downward spiral that it never recovers from. It starts adding layers of complexity that it simply didn't need and don't work, the story becomes predictable and uninteresting, and worst of all, it just isn't funny anymore.

All aspects of Brütal Legend's gameplay are frustratingly underdeveloped. The melee combat is dull and lacking, with new moves and upgrades feeling totally useless. The exploration is pointless thanks to poor car handling, an awful waypoint system, and offensively repetitive side-missions. The stage battles suffer from so many design oversights that the only thing more baffling than why Brütal Legend even tries to be an RTS is why it tries to be an RTS with online multiplayer. Had it at least maintained the humor from the beginning of the game, all of these problems might have been bearable, but instead it tries to be serious and dramatic. Yet it fails at that, too.

Despite starting off incredibly strong, Brütal Legend turns out to be nothing more than a disappointing, unimaginative game that you should absolutely avoid. Instead, get the demo and imagine what could've been.

Brütal Legend / $59.99 / Reviewed on PS3

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