Thursday, October 22, 2009

.detuned Review

Though its consistent ability to bewilder makes .detuned amusing for awhile, its lacking feature set and limited scope causes it to run out of steam quickly.

.detuned is essentially an interactive music visualizer where you control a man in a suit sitting in a chair surrounded by some very weird, very happy little blue guys, a dolphin, and a giant rubber duck. As you play your own music, you can interact with the man through preset actions like making him dance around the chair or turning his head into a mushroom, a balloon, or an elephant, among other oddities. Nothing about .detuned even comes close to making any kind of sense, and that might just be the most attractive thing about it.

Initially, discovering each new and crazy preset action is a source of baffling enjoyment, but once it reveals its full hand, .detuned has nothing else to offer. It can't function without user input, so its potential to be an awesome music visualizer is squandered. There's no YouTube or replay support, so choreographing a music video is pointless. And after you've experienced all the different effects, (entirely possible during one three-minute song), there's just not a lot to do.

At every turn, .detuned is hurt by a complete lack of ambition. What could have been a fantastic and endlessly interesting application ends up being nothing more than a diversion for those with a few extra bucks and a taste for the weird.

.detuned / $2.99 / Reviewed on PS3

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