Friday, October 2, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

Everything about Batman: Arkham Asylum goes way beyond what it needed to be to sell, resulting in an amazing game that impresses from beginning to end and has a ton of value.

There's something about being Batman that is just intrinsically fun, and Arkham Asylum captures that perfectly. Silently stalking enemies from the shadows, taking them out one by one, and watching their buddies panic is a never-ending source of amusement. Leaping from one foe to another, breaking bones along the way, and utilizing Batman's entire arsenal to build huge combos is consistently visceral and rewarding. And the delicious riddles and challenging puzzles that put lives on the line are an absolute joy to solve.

I cannot pay this game enough compliments for its presentation, its respect for the Batman universe, and its phenomenal voice acting, with Mark Hammil's reprisal of The Joker in particular standing out. The story mode is extremely well done, with lightning fast pacing that keeps the game fresh throughout, and the challenge mode is an addictive test of skill that had me hooked until I'd perfected every one. There's just so much to love about Arkham Asylum that it's hard to compliment one aspect without feeling like you've neglected to mention how well it excels elsewhere, too.

Somehow everything came together perfectly in Batman: Arkham Asylum, completely justifying the price tag with hours upon hours of fun gameplay and legitimately interesting extras.

Batman: Arkham Asylum / $59.99 / Reviewed on PS3

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