Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Redesign A Go-Go Baby!

Let's put it this way: I need to stop being a perfectionist.

I went into the site's HTML to change one tiny thing and ended up hours later, waist-deep in code with twenty Photoshop windows open. Yeah, this redesign is something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but this is ridiculous. When you've got work in the morning, don't start redesigning a website.

Well, whatever. You're looking at the product of a foolish all-nighter. The background's a slick black now, the text a brilliant white, and my eyes a sweet shade of blood-shot that I'm sure my co-workers will love.

I even found a way to make the entire blog wider, which required a lot of trial-and-error and culminated in me realizing that I needed to expand the site's banner. Then I realized some of the icons needed to be replaced, some text and link settings modified, and every single review, preview, feature, rating, in the news, and contest story banners (still) need to be updated to match the black background. Awesome.

You can see now how this all snowballed from one ten-second easy tweak to a six-hour trip through insomnia.

And to top it all off, I spent a good chunk of time trying to get rid of the white separator lines you see between posts and sidebar items, and totally failed. So if anyone out there knows how to manipulate Blogger's HTML to do that, please contact me. Also, I want links to be underlined when you hover over them, and despite putting in the correct code, it still refuses to work. Again, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, GreenLava.

I'll leave you with the before and after shots:



  1. While I honestly did love the old version, I have high hopes for the touches that you'll be adding. Seeing as you're a perfectionist, I doubt any wrong-doing will ever be done to the site :P

  2. Yeah, I spent like a full thirty minutes using the preview function just switching between the old and new versions, stressing out over black text on white vs. white text on black, messing with hexadecimals for post titles and links, etc.

    Overall, I think it's probably not as professional looking as the old one just because that one was, you know, professional, but I think this will ultimately be a positive thing.