Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Try Not To Get Excited For God of War III

It's no secret to anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for awhile, or casually passed me on the street, that I love the God of War series. It's easily my favorite game franchise thanks to the main character, Kratos, being a total badass with a gripping story, always beautiful graphics and inspired art style, and the games just always seem to nail it. While I haven't played it myself, I hear even the cell phone game was pretty awesome.

So the God of War III demo they showed at E3 this year totally got me jacked up for some bloody God of War action. Here it is, finally in beautiful direct-feed, though I'd definitely recommend watching it in HD instead:

I think my favorite new feature of the game is not anything like awesome way Kratos can mid-air grapple to enemies, or ride a Cyclops around murdering fools in his path, or even rip a god's head straight from his neck with his bare hands in what is easily one of the most brutal scenes I've ever seen in a videogame that I can only hope won't get censored.

No, no, sir. My favorite new feature is how Kratos can get absolutely soaked in blood.

It's particularly noticeable after he rips the eye from the Cyclops (which now includes optic nerve) and blood shoots all over Kratos' face and torso. You get a really good look at bloody Kratos after he's ripped Helios' head off and is casually examining it as it just keeps screaming almost comically. The game just looks amazing.

Like I said, just try not to get excited for God of War III.


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  2. Oop, mistake with the above comment...

    What I wanted to say, but was afraid of being declared a pansy for not rejoicing, was that the game is very gruesome.

    I was literally taken aback by the centaur killing, though it's gorgeously animated and extremely detailed, it's still EXTREMELY DETAILED. I really have no complaints with gore, but how much farther can we take things?

  3. Haha, yeah. They can still take it farther, I'm sure. I myself was more taken aback by the head ripping off. At a certain point, it just becomes almost comical in a very dark sort of way. I just love how Helios' head screams every time he uses it.

  4. Yeah, that sort of stuff just shouldn't be funny, though I'm sure the humor was intentional.

    The main problem with games and gore is that if you push it too hard, you're slapped with the A/O rating. And though God of War won't be condemned with that, it just puts a ceiling above some games...

  5. I will be very surprised if, in I guess January or February 2010, there's not some kind of ESRB scandal about them trying to give God of War III an AO rating and Sony not being happy about that.

  6. ESRB likes to take a popular game and make an example out of it. GTA is a bit more notorious, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised either.