Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Review

Imagine a fighting game that is one part Super Smash Bros., one part Team America: World Police, and one part cheesy 1970s Kung Fu action movie and you've got the premise for Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic. From the title screen to the characters to the animation, everything about Rag Doll radiates personality and humor. The whole game is an exercise in ridiculousness, and makes for a hell of a good time. The single-player challenges can be addicting, but the multiplayer is the star. It's insanely fun to beat up on friends and take every opportunity to unleash hilarious taunts. Lack of online multiplayer hurts, but it's more fun in person anyway. Definitely buy it; it's worth the $10.

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  1. I like the review, but the new way you're reviewing is a bit iffy. I'd love to read longer reviews by yourself, definitely a couple paragraphes. I just feel more description might be needed for some larger titles.

  2. For me, whenever I read a review from your typical major game review outlet, I usually just read the first and last paragraphs then check out the score. The middle part of the review always seems way too lengthy and way too much like a preview where they describe how to play the game and about how every facet of the game works. So reading that part is usually unnecessary since the reviewer just sums up everything you really needed to know in the last paragraph.

    So for my new review style, I just felt like I wanted to cut out that big middle chunk that ultimately you don't need and try to shake up the reviews process. Now my reviews just cut the chase and give you that last paragraph.

    I may switch to two paragraphs from time to time because I'm really only limiting myself by word count, not by number of paragraphs, so reviews down the line may be a bit different.

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Honestly, my system of review monitoring is precisely that: Check the score, read the last paragraph. But, I do feel these shorter reviews lack detail, perhaps not so in the XBLA or small PSN titles, but definitely so for large titles like inFAMOUS.

    On another note... You've crafted a gorgeous blog :)

  4. Yeah, I can totally see that; there's always tons of stuff left unsaid, even in full-length reviews. I'll definitely think about expanded reviews or something similar.

    Ha, thanks. Photoshop experience comes in handy once in a while.