Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apologies... and also Street Fighter IV!

    So... yeah, sorry about the huge delay. I just lost the urge to keep writing because my life was becoming more hectic, (still is), so I had to make the decision. I realized that I was actually pretty irrelevant anyway, considering that I don't have enough money or time to buy every new system and game that comes out, so the reviews that came out were sometimes for games years old, and that's not exactly much of a help to anyone but me.

    And besides, now I'm writing for my school's paper, and that takes a toll on me too considering that it's pretty much up to me and a couple of my friends also on the staff to edit everyone's work since they all write like 5-year olds. I seriously have to sit there and reread people's sentences over and over just to get what the hell they're even talking about so I can start to edit it. In addition to that, pretty soon I'm going to be getting a job again and trying to get an internship at my city's paper, The Roanoke Times. One of those friends I mentioned has an internship there already, so I'm hoping he'll be able to put in a good word if/when they've got anything open.

    So what does that have to do with what is delicious? Well, it means that maybe I'll post every once in awhile if I'm feeling up to it or something big happens in the gaming world, but it's probably safer for you guys to just assume that I'm not going to be really doing much and check back maybe... once every couple of weeks or so to see if I'll be doing anything.

    But whatever. On to something more interesting: Street Fighter IV was just announced.

    Just go ahead and consider all other fighting games irrelevant, because SFIV is going to kick their asses... literally figuratively. I would just like to thank Capcom now for bringing the series back (unless they fuck it up somehow, in which case I'll strike out that thank you).

    I've been playing a lot of Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting (wow, long title) recently and it still holds up as way better than most of the fighting games out now, even the 3D ones. It's so fast and fluid and requires so much strategy. I can't go back to any other Street Fighter after Hyper Fighting because of how slow it makes everything else feel. I really hope Capcom jacks up Street Fighter IV to be a freaking blur, else I'm going to be severely disappointed.

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