Monday, August 6, 2007

In The News (7/29-8/4)

Sony Sued Over Alleged CELL Infringement
    Either Sony's just under fire from lots of frivolous lawsuits, or they're just really bad at getting away with plagiarism. Yep, they've been sued again, this time over their CELL processor chip that's used in the PS3.
    Regardless of whether or not Sony is guilty, they've got to be feeling pretty nervous right now. Last time they were in this position, they were forced to pay up $90 million. This time, if they lose, they'll have to cease production of all PS3s and redesign it completely.
    That would be a devastating blow to Sony. At that point, I really don't know what they could do to minimize their losses other than just buy out the company that's suing them, Parallel Processing, and keep selling PS3s.
    Good luck to Sony, I suppose.

Rockstar Appealing Britain's Ban on Manhunt 2
    Good for Rockstar. Their deadline's nearly up to appeal the BBFC's ban of Manhunt 2, they've probably made some changes to the game, and now they're back to see if they can't overturn that appeal.
    At this point, I hope Rockstar just does the bare minimum to get the M rating, then releases a special uncensored AO rated version for the PC.
    Hopefully they can successfully get their game through and maybe even set a precedent for the industry, provided they haven't stripped out too much of the game's "questionable" content.

Xbox 360's Price Drop Is For All SKUs
    So... This is kind of weird. We knew the 360 was getting a price drop. Then we finally got some details and found out that $50 was getting cut from the Premium SKUs tag. But now we know the whole truth.
    All 360 SKUs are getting a cut- Core by $20 to $279, Premium by $50 to $349, and Elite by $30 to $449. Weird. Doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me, but then again, it's their product and they know more information about which SKUs needed a bigger price cut than others.
    However, it's curious as to why they didn't slash the Core down to $249 and bundle in a memory card with it so that it directly competes with the Wii. They really had an opportunity to capitalize on that I firmly believe they squandered- Average Joe would walk into the store and see the Wii and 360 at the same price, and all it would take is one look at the 360's graphics by comparison to the Wii's and it'd be over: 360 bought.

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