Sunday, July 29, 2007

In The News (7/22-7/28)

Nintendo Raises Profit Forecast For The Year
    I may not like some of the decisions Nintendo has made in regards to the Wii, but I can't blame them- first and foremost, they're a business, and therefore, they're in it to make money, not friends. It seems like they're doing a fantastic job in that respect.
    They've increased their net income predictions by 40%. That's insane. The Wii and DS are just unstoppable beasts at this point thanks to Nintendo's decision to expand their market to non-gamers.
    Right now, all Sony and Microsoft can really do is fight over who gets to be the king of hardcore gamers, and all Nintendo can really do is keep counting their money from the casual and non-gamers.

Microsoft's Entertainment Division Losing Billions
    Ouch. In stark contrast to Nintendo upping their profit forecasts, Microsoft's entertainment division has suffered a $1.9 billion loss thanks to the red ring of death scandal, disappointing software sales, etc.
    This makes me wonder whether or not they'll be able to get out from under it all before the next generation hits. Microsoft still says they will, but I'm not too sure. Ever since the first Xbox came out, it's all been losses for Microsoft. It's almost confusing as to why they're still even staying in the games business if all they've done is lost billions of dollars.
    Besides, this couldn't have come at a worse time: Peter Moore just left to go to EA, the disc-scratching 360 issue just reached courts, and the red ring of death scandal is what causes this huge debt. Microsoft just can't seem to catch a break, can they?

Xbox 360 Getting A $50 Price Cut?
    Exactly the way the PS3's price cut was leaked, some retailers' ads have shown a $349 Premium SKU 360. Now, this is by no means confirmed yet, but it seems likely. Really the only issue here is to decipher what's actually happening.
    There are a couple possible explanations: This could just be a by-the-book price drop for all 360 SKUs even though only the Premium was shown, and this possibility would likely just be a response to Sony's temporary $100 price cut. Or it could just be a way to make room in the SKU lineup for the Halo 3 edition 360, so they drop the Premium's price to $349 and introduce the Halo 3 SKU at $399.
    Regardless, if this is true, Sony might want to prepare for another price cut, perhaps to $399. Otherwise, they might just find themselves even farther behind Microsoft and Nintendo. Let's hope this is confirmed/denied soon.

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