Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chains of Olympus Demo/Speculation

      All right, there it is. Sony's been teasing with not one, but two countdown clocks, the first revealed developer commentary on two levels, and this is what the second has revealed: A trailer for God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP.

      Before I continue, you're going to want to sign up to get a free, limited edition demo of Chains. Now that we've got that awesomeness out of the way, let's speculate:

      "The ancient world tells of a mortal who once slayed a god. Such was the tale of Kratos, who in his servitude to Olympus, would one day confront the humanity he had lost on the day his dark legend was born." Sparing you all the details, I'll tell you a few of my predictions for what this trailer implies:

      Kratos had Blades of Athena but no Golden Fleece, and the ending of God of War II didn't leave room for a side-story, so it probably takes place between God of War and God of War II. However, that doesn't explain why he's not a god, or why he's in "servitude" to Olympus. The beginning of God of War II basically said that Kratos did as he pleased as a god. As for who the main enemy will be, Kratos "confronting the humanity he had lost on the day his dark legend was born" really leaves one obvious choice- his brother, who was left to die by the Spartans as a boy and became very angry and powerful while in Hades. Gameplay-wise, though, the camera appears to be a bit closer, Kratos appears to have an interesting mix of attacks (one new one and one old one from the first game are seen in the trailer), and Kratos can still roll, probably with the D-pad, but that would conflict with magic selection, so who knows? There are obviously new enemies; the beginning ones appear to be human soldiers and the later ones are more monstrous.

      So here's to hopefully Ready At Dawn won't somehow screw up the God of War franchise, eh?

UPDATE: Electronic Gaming Monthly will have a story on Chains next month with interviews from the developer regarding the game, such as control issues, so watch out for that.

UPDATE2: 1UP just posted a story on God of War: Chains of Olympus. You should read it. But the main jist of it to pull out is that technically the game will be amazing (I'm not joking) and that the story takes place in the ten years Kratos was in servitude to the gods.

      Now, I'm glad that the developers at Sony were smart and set it in that time period because I didn't want them to shoehorn it between GoW and GoWII. I realistically expected them to, but I'm glad they didn't. They do mention that you'll get insight into Kratos and what all happened to test his faith and specific events from GoW and GoWII. Therefore, I would assume Atlas is a boss, since in GoWII Atlas did say that it was Kratos' fault that he (Atlas) was forced to hold the world up for all eternity.

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